Sunday, November 20, 2016

Disney's Wreck-it Ralph - Pre-owned - Nintendo 3ds

Disney's Wreck-it Ralph - Pre-owned - Nintendo 3ds

Disney's Wreck-it Ralph - Pre-owned - Nintendo 3ds

PRICE : USD 9.99

PRICE PROMO : USD 4.99 (50% off)

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He may be big. He might be brawny. He certainly has a talent for destroying things. But if there's anything that Ralph wants us to know, it's that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The word around Mr. Litwak's arcade is that Wreck-It Ralph is one of the bad guys, but he's here to prove otherwise. With the help of Fix-It Felix and his magical hammer, Ralph is on a mission based on the heartwarming Disney feature film - to stop the path of the evil insect race, the Cy-bugs, before they destroy everything. Dive into the world of Disney in the game version of Wreck-It Ralph for an unforgettable, wild, game-hopping journey to restore peace to the arcade after the deadly Cy-bugs threaten to destroy everything. Play as Wreck-It Ralph and knock down dangerous obstacles in your path or as Fix-It Felix whose magical hammer repairs the damage. Jump from world to world and experience unique, action-packed fun from the film in Sugar Rush, Hero's Duty and more. Reap the rewards for your efforts and accumulate collectibles like Hero Medals and Easter Eggs that you can display in your trophy case for instant bragging rights. Once you've defeated the evil Cy-bugs and peace has settled over the arcade once more, play the game again with more challenging levels and a new set of rules so you can continue to experience every action-packed thrill. In the game, only you can prove to the rest of the arcade that Wreck-It Ralph truly does have a good heart. Gigantic muscles, yes, but a good heart. 28a30ed51cb7d9fa1f26810c8fcc0c3e

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